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FREE tablets in New York

Affordable Connectivity Program, initiated by the government, aims to supply internet access to a diverse range of underprivileged communities and veterans.


See if your household fits into one of eligible categories.

Follow experts recomendations and apply with Blue Skies

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What tablet do I get?

+ Unlimited talk,  text,  data

Our research in the State of New York

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* Please note that our listing does not include two types of companies. We made the decision not to analyze companies that do not disclose the specific amount of high-speed data they offer. Instead, they simply state "high-speed internet***," indicating that after a certain amount of GB is used, the connection will be slowed down. While this is a common practice, we believe it is unfair to clients when the carrier does not openly disclose the amount of high-speed data provided before slowing down the traffic. Consequently, we have chosen not to include these companies in our table. However, we acknowledge their presence in New York state.

We conducted extensive analyses of available providers in you State based on the deals they offer on the ACP Program (and not their regular plans), and  we recommend applying with BLUE SKIESClick on the link to Apply now.

Please note that this qualification only pertains to their offerings under the ACP Program, and not their regular plans. While ATT (including Cricket as its subsidy), T-Mobile (including Metro as its subsidy), and Verizon may be more popular nationwide and offer better plans for walk-in customers, they do not specialize in meeting the specific needs of ACP customers. These major carriers only offer partial subsidies for service costs and minimal subsidies for devices.


We observe a similar strategy from the country's largest MVNO, Tracfone (including Straight Talk, Total by Verizon, Walmart Family mobile, Net 10, Tracfone, Page Plus, and Simple Mobile), since it is recently owned and controlled by Verizon. They offer a $30 subsidy towards the bill but do not provide free devices.


Our team of industry professionals and registered agents of the government's ACP initiative, through our FCC analysis, is dedicated to comparing MVNOs that focus on meeting ACP and life line needs.


For clarification, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a type of wireless service provider that utilizes the hardware and towers of major wireless carriers (such as T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon) by purchasing data and airtime at wholesale prices. They then offer special deals to their targeted audience. In our case, these MVNOs have contracted with the major wireless carriers to provide wireless services to underprivileged communities through the ACP Program. These MVNOs also have integrated systems with government databases, allowing for seamless application processing and approval. Some MVNOs collect clients' information and submit it to the government in bundles, while others utilize FCC AI to facilitate decision-making and request additional documents.

List of providers in the state of New York

We have chosen not to include or feature companies that do not provide transparent pricing information for their devices. These companies typically state that they will subsidize the device by $100, but the actual cost is only revealed to customers after they have applied. In some cases, these companies may request additional payments to cover the remaining cost of the device. As a result, we have decided not to list these companies.


Furthermore, we have also opted not to focus on providers that solely offer free or partially free services without device subsidies. These providers often only send a SIM card for customers to use with their own devices and typically do not offer substantial amounts of high-speed data. ; ; :

Our list of winners

These eight companies were identified as trustworthy due to their commitment to transparency and verifiability.

1. BLUE Skies 

The Best Overall


TABLET:  FREE high quality device

2. Roguemobile 

Good Value


TABLET:  $11

3. Affinity Celluar

Good Value


TABLET:  $10

We were not able to obtain information on the model of device provided 



TABLET: $10-50

5. Unity Wireless


TABLET:  $10 

6. Prosper Wireless


TABLET:  $11


7. Revertel


TABLET:  $10


8. Rural4G



The Best overall in New York is Blue Skies

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